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Hello and welcome to Together We Money! This is my introduction to the blogging world, hooray! While a newbie for now, I am excited to put my ideas to paper and build a community of individuals like me who are proactive and dedicated to building their personal finance knowledge.

I named this blog Together We Money because to me money to be is a verb, not a noun. You think it, speak it, feel it, and live it. Part of what intrigues me about personal finance is that it affects everyone all over the world, every single day.

You can’t go one day in your life without money playing a factor, whether that means choosing to save or choosing to spend. It’s emotional and psychological and it affects everyone differently based on gender, race/nationality, geographical location, language, and more. No one can escape money in their life.

Similar to building a savings account, it takes time, energy, and patience to build financial knowledge. To learn faster we have to do it together, hence the “Together” in the blog title.

Obviously I don’t have all of the answers, and to be clear I am NOT a financial advisor, but I know a little somethin’ somethin’ that I can share with you.

My favorite quote from personal finance extraordinaire Barbara Stanny (now Barbara Huson) is,

“Women who are smart with money don’t get that way in isolation.”

I believe whole-heartedly that the more we talk about money, the more we can use it to our advantage.

This is a safe place to ask even the most basic of personal finance questions without judgement. Or better yet, if you have a more complex question or topic, throw it out there! You are welcomed and encouraged to share ideas, resources, and knowledge. Be brave and join the conversation.

Now the nitty gritty….Together We Money is meant to provide not only basic personal finance advice about saving in your 401k (yawn), but go deeper to understanding the economy overall.

For example, what is the GDP anyways and why does it matter? How do financial advisors work their magic? What does a P/E ratio mean? I know I need to invest but how do I decide what to invest in? What is the Securities Exchange Commission and what does it do?

Ultimately the goal of this blog is to better prepare you with the knowledge to make healthy financial decisions for yourself. It is my assumption that when a lot of people think of finance, they picture some Wall Street executive, dressed in an expensive suit, talking a language they just don’t understand, and won’t understand because it’s impossible.

Fuck that. I want all Together We Money readers to be able to sit in a room with “Wall Street man” and not feel like he automatically knows everything and that they are just dumb-dumbs.

When I personally searched for a financial advisor I did many interviews to find the right one (more on that to come!)

Often men would look me up and down and assume that I didn’t know anything. I was proposed ridiculously harmful options that I can almost guarantee were because they thought I would take any advice given to me and that I would assume that they knew best.

But alas “Mr. Wall Street, Fancy Suit Man”, you will not fool me!

It’s important that everyday people, especially young women, feel comfortable talking to the pros and can spot a red flag when they see one. As my mother always told me growing up, “You are perfectly capable!”

I see success through Together We Money as constantly learning. It’s that feeling when you tell yourself “I’ve got this!” It’s helping others find their way.

My dreams also go beyond this blog. Instead of Mary Kay parties where your friend asks which lip gloss looks better, there are personal finance parties where she asks how your portfolio is performing. It’s women (and maybe some men) sitting around a table toasting each other for getting one step closer out of debt, or for making a financial decision that can help them sleep easier at night.

Money is a taboo topic to a lot of people, and I’m hoping the honesty in the blog will help start a dialogue and create more transparency.

The adventure starts here, a place to build a community of individuals dedicated to improving their financial health through ongoing learning.

As I mentioned previously, not a day will go by where money won’t affect you. So let’s live smart. Let’s take this journey together. Together We Money.

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